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Fraud & Related Offences

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Fraud over $5,000 can be lead to a maximum of 14 years in prison. Fraud is a crime committed through deceit, falsehood or other dishonest means. Intent to defraud must be present in order to be convicted. Get protection from an experienced lawyer at Derek Martin Criminal Law in Brantford and Hamilton. If you live in Burlington, we can help. Get sound legal advice from a strong advocate.

Fraud and related offences include:

Fraud and related offences

  • Uttering forged documents

  • Possession or distribution of counterfeit money

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If you’ve been accused of a fraud-related offence, call an advocate who can help you through the system and canvass with you the challenges the prosecution may face in proving a charge against you. The facts of your case may present specific defences. Call Derek Martin Criminal Law in Brantford and Hamilton.

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