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Handling Cases for Criminal Law in Hamilton

If you have been criminally charged, you may feel overwhelmed, defeated, and alone. That is not the case when you have a dedicated criminal lawyer on your side. For over 20 years, I have provided exceptional criminal defence to help clients have charges dismissed, reduced and or dropped. Always speak with a lawyer before you plead guilty. Trust Derek Martin Criminal Law in Brantford and Hamilton when you’re going through a legal battle. I handle all types of criminal defences, including:

Types of criminal defences

  • Assault

  • Break and enter

  • Criminal negligence

  • Domestic assault

  • Drug offences

  • Fraud

  • Robbery

  • Sexual assault

  • Shoplifting

  • Theft

  • Threats

  • Weapons offences

  • Impaired and over .08 charge

  • Breathalyzer sample refusal

  • Murder

  • Aggravated assault

  • Dangerous driving

  • Careless highway driving

When you come to my office for trusted legal representation, here are some of the things you can expect:

some of the things you can expect

  • Interview clients to understand their issues.

  • Explaining options: trial and guilty pleas, and what they entail.

  • Explanation of how the criminal procedure works, including how the matter moves through the system, along with the various stages of the criminal process, such as Crown resolution, JPT, preliminary hearings, and trial.

  • Explain the consequences of each of the choices a client makes, and whether or not it involves a criminal record, affect employment, travel, or education, and what costs each decision made by the client will incur.

  • Review the disclosure to pinpoint the issues.

  • Provide the client with an opinion on the merits of the case—in other words, how I, as an experienced criminal lawyer, see the matter unfolding in the courts.

  • Research the particular law related to the client’s case.

  • Advocate on the client’s behalf, whether it is a court remand, motion, crown pre-trial, judicial pre-trial, preliminary hearing, a guilty plea, or a trial.

Your Criminal Defence Lawyer in Hamilton & Brantford

When you have been charged with a crime, there are numerous court proceedings that must be walked through. You may have a bail hearing, preliminary hearing, judicial pretrial hearing, sentencing hearing, or a plea hearing. Each of these court proceedings requires its own filings and special procedures as well as our attendance in court. I will be there to help you through each and let you know what to expect.

In addition, I can help with cases of both breach of undertaking and breach of probation. Breach of undertaking can take many forms, including failing to attend court dates, violating restraining orders, or possessing substances in violation of a court order. If probation is breached, serious consequences could result, including jail time.

Contact Derek Martin for a Free Consultation

If you have been charged with any of the above offences, don’t plead guilty. Contact Derek Martin Criminal Law in Brantford and Hamilton to schedule a free consultation.

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